This is a list of innovative Bulgarian companies & organizations.
Some of these companies are global leaders in their own category, some are fresh startups.
Do you know any of the names? Do you think any of them could empower your business?
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Index of companies


Data Science Society

The Data Science Society consists of 10+ highly motivated volunteers. Since its establishment in 2014 it has organized a multiple of events: 3 Datathons (Data Science Hackatons), the The First Online Global Datathon (Worldwide Data Science Hackathon with 140+ participants from 20+ countries); 35+ Data Science meetups and conferences. It also participated actively in the newly created DataChat – a Platform for Data Science discussions and practical knowledge sharing.



DRONAMICS is the world leader in cargo drones, taking advantage of the explosive growth of e-commerce and the demand for cheaper and faster transportation of goods. Its small unmanned aircraft is the most fuel-efficient
cargo aircraft in the world. It can transport 350 KG at 2,500 km for 50%+ cheaper than existing air cargo options.

The company was founded in 2014 by the Rangelov brothers – Konstantin (an Aerospace Engineer from TU Delft, the Netherlands) and Svilen (an Economist from Davidson College, USA). It received its initial investment from the Eleven
Accelerator Venture Fund and has raised EUR 850,000 to date.

DRONAMICS is the first IATA Strategic Partner for drones worldwide and won the Pioneers Festival (out of 1,600 startups from 98 countries). Other awards include: Top 10 EU-Africa startups, EU-Africa Business Forum, awarded by Andrus Ansip;
Forbes Europe 30 Under 30, Kairos 50 Global Company, USA.

Smart Cities

eCars has the mission to make electric mobility easily understandable, desirable and accessible. The company was officially established in 2016, after Stefan Chanev joined the founder Martin Hadjistoykov in his vision to create the largest network for electric mobility in Bulgaria.

Now is the main brand for a few businesses: Production facility of charging stations for electric vehicles; E-mobility web and video media; Trader of new and used electric vehicles, as well as charging stations and accessories; Network of charging stations across the country; A Fan club for all electric vehicle owners.


Economic Development via Innovation & Technology (EDIT)

EDIT was created to address the needs of the information technology micro, small and startup businesses forming the fastest growing and most innovative economic sector of Bulgaria. EDIT is a network open to everyone who wants to work for sustainable economic development.

  • We embrace innovation and technology by benchmarking the digital industry in order to to unleash the full potential of the Bulgarian digital sector.
  • We analyze global and local trends, discuss the issues in front of start-up companies and together we seek for solutions in support of innovations and investments.

We encourage the collaboration between entrepreneurs, the exchange of experience and ideas, the establishment of a contemporary digital ecosystem.



Space is closer than you think. EnduroSat. Is an innovative satellite company which aims to make miniature satellites available at affordable prices to universities, research institutes and visionary businesses, by creating a new type of interconnected and decentralized space infrastructure. There is an unprecedented number of applications for Endurosat’s modules — from ship and truck tracking and navigation to astronomy, astrophysics and pharmacology.

EnduroSat was established in 2015 and received capital from a few VC & PE funds, followed by a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument support. It also received a Seal of Excellence for its project proposal. With the successful implementation of the current InnoSpaceComm project, EnduroSat will offer to the European industry access to space data through a unique infrastructure for communication and data transmission at price-level up to 15 times lower than the current market. Its cheapest module, a 10cm-cubed “CubeSat”, sells for €35,000-€65,000, compared to €100m for a conventional 3,000kg satellite.



Escreo is a tool that redefines the way we work, by transforming passive environment into interactive, idea-friendly space. It offers the endless possibilities of a blank page along with the freedom to be brave and push beyond the limits. And then, erase everything and start from scratch again. Why not? Its founders foresees a world where surfaces have multiple functionalities and they strive to unlock them by innovative chemical products that contribute to human-centric spaces.

Escreo was founded in 2015 after the team met during Summer Enterpreneurship Program in the USA. It has been supported by the Eleven Accelerator, raising overall investment of 121 000 EUR. Until now it has more than 500 business customers in Bulgaria, Romania and the UK. The founding members have been awarded Forbes “30 under 30” award.

Augmented Reality


iGreet is the first augmented reality greeting card company in the world. It brings static greeting cards to life by using augmented reality. One can send emotional experiences to their loved ones with this new technology.

iGreet has raised € 130 000 by Tim Draper, Eleven venture fund and a couple of business angels. Today the company supports retail network of 300 point of sales and work with 10+ local artists.


Imperia Online

Imperia Online Ltd. is one of the largest game production companies in South-Eastern Europe with 25 released games, including the flagship title Imperia Online – a cross-platform MMO strategy with 45+ million users worldwide.

The company was founded in 2005 without external investment and is still 100% owned by its founders. Now it has got a team of 56 people, generated € 5,3 m in sales (€ 1,3 m EBIT) in 2017 and has started a few spin-off projects. Imperia Online was proclaimed ‘A Rising Star’ in Deloitte’s Fastest Growing IT companies in Central Europe, having 592% revenue growth from 2011 to 2014. It holds mutliple other industry awards and nominations, including Forbes Business Awards, E-volution Awards by Forbes, TIGA Awards, “Europеan Business Awards”, International Mobile Game Awards, Casual Connect, Webit Awards and more.


International Power Supply (IPS)

International Power Supply (IPS) has 25+ years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of power electronics and energy conversion technologies. The product portfolio includes 33 different product lines applicable across various sectors. IPS has subsidiaries in USA, UAE, and Australia and its products are operated in 58 countries on all 7 continents. The complete production is under NATO military certification for quality.

IPS has developed optimal system solutions for off-grid applications or unreliable grid connected sites with the exclusive EXERON range, which fulfils all requirements surrounding energy management, communication and modularity. This technology electrifies rural, remote and off-grid locations with limited or no grid power prioritizing the use of renewables in combination with the most advanced battery management system.

IPS has a number of investors, including PostScriptum Ventures, BlackPeak Capital (established under the JEREMIE initiative) and METKA, as part of MYTILINEOS – a global leader in the EPC sector.

In 2014 the EXERON system won the Intersolar World Innovation Award (Munich, 2014) for Electrical Energy Storage, competing with 1800 companies, such as SMA, Siemens, ABB, Bosch, Schneider, etc. Later EXERON won the Innovation award at the SpaceX Hyperloop competition, as part of the rLoop team.


Junior Achievement Bulgaria

Junior Achievement Bulgaria was established in 1997 and is one of the first entrepreneurship NGOs in the country. It offers educational programs that encompass all levels of the education system and works in close partnership with 800+ schools, universities and businesses. Annually, JA’s initiatives reach 30 000 young people.