This is a list of innovative Bulgarian companies & organizations.
Some of these companies are global leaders in their own category, some are fresh startups.
Do you know any of the names? Do you think any of them could empower your business?
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Index of companies

Artificial Intelligence

Analytics 4 Everyone

A4E is helping businesses better utilize their existing data by automating their processes in areas of decision making, demand forecasting, risk management, product portfolio mix, market basket and geo targeting. A4E is building analytical platform targeted to provide AI-as-a-Service for focused business solutions for SMEs globally.

A4E was founded in 2016 and has raised €425 000 by the Eleven Venture Acceleration fund and by private investors.

It is developed based on proprietary ML/AI analytical algorithms for data preparation, multivariable regression, clustering, classification, optimization, text mining and automation of analytical tasks. The A4E platform runs and parallelize algorithms written on Java, Matlab, R and Python.

Audio Equipment

Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio is a professional audio equipment manufacturer. With over 20 years of experience in digital and analog audio technologies, the company has become a leading force in the industry on a global level. Its products are used in various genres by renown artist, such as Stevie Wonder, Korn, Metropolis, Tori Kelly and more.

Antelope Audio R&D team of 30+ people designs advanced AD/DA converters and audio interfaces; the industry’s finest master clocks; premium AFX and mic emulations; discrete preamps and modeling microphones. The Antelope Audio products are known for their fast, intuitive workflow and reliable software, including both desktop and mobile remote apps.

Awards: Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (NAMM TEC Awards, 2016), Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2016 (Enterprise Europe Network, EC); Best of innovations Award (CES Innovation Awards, 2013) and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Bee Smart Technologies

BeeSmart produces digital beehives whose goal is to decrease bee mortality globally. The Beebot is a sensor device that measures key parameters inside the beehive, thus providing valuable insights to the health and the productivity of the bee colony. The producted has been developed with professional beekeepers and is currently sold in Europe, Australia, the U.S and Israel.

Bee Smart Technologies was founded in 2015, secured seed funding with NEVEQ II, raising a toal investment of 400 000 EUR. The company is part of the IEEE N3xt Stars Program – the biggest global engineering organization and was awarded the best IoT Startup by the Central European Startup Awards, 2017.

The 6-people full-time team covers expertise in Business and strategy; Product design; Automation; Artificial Intelligence; Security; Machine-to-machine communication; Firmware; Software development.



Betahaus Sofia is the first Bulgarian coworking space. It is a community for people who want to work on their own projects while exchanging knowledge, ideas, and inspiration with others. Betahaus was one of the main drivers for the development of the coworking and startup culture in Bulgaria.

Food E-Commerce


BGmenu was founded in 2004 by Vladimir Davchev, after he and his father Victor successfully sold their first business. The company received an additional investment and quickly grew to be the food delivery market leader in Bulgaria. After raising further funds in 2014 from LauncHub Ventures, the company expanded internationally to Romania under the brand The two brands are now part of, providing consumers with the the fastest and easiest way to order food online, delivering from 1500+ restaurants, spanning 30 cuisines in Bulgaria and Romania.

In March 2018, HelloHungry was bought for 10.5 m EUR and became part of the food delivery giant and industry leader – Under the continued leadership of its current management the company plans to grow 8-10x in the future.


Bulgarian Design Group

Bulgarian Design Group (BDG) is created with the mission to develop the local design industry in Bulgaria by connecting and uniting professionals from different fields like graphic and web design, mobile applications, game design, 3D design, etc.

Currently the members of Bulgarian Design Group are interacting in two major ways: online and offline. The online group discusses the works of the BDG designers, distributes information about design competitions and career opportunities. Useful resources and latest design trends are frequently posted.

Computer Graphics

Chaos Group

Chaos Group is a worldwide leader in computer graphics. It provides innovative rendering solutions to thousands of users globally in multiple visualization industries: architecture, product design, cinema, advertising, automotive design, etc. and helps them to create photoreal imagery and animation. The company R&D in cloud rendering, material scanning, and virtual reality is shaping the future of creative storytelling and digital design.

Chaos Group has made multiple innovations and patents across the 3D industry. V-Ray®, CG’s flagship rendering software, has set the standard for speed, quality, reliability and ease of use, and has become the rendering engine choice for renowned international studios. The company has received numerous awards by 3D media and industry associations. In 2017 the company’s cofounder Vladimir Koylazov won an Academy Sci-Tech Award (a.k.a Technology Oscar).

Artificial Intelligence


ClaimCompass helps passengers receive the compensation they’re entitled to under EC261 in cases of delayed, canceled or overbooked flights. In 2016, it received pre-seed funding from 500 Startups and joined their batch in Mountain View, California and has since raised a total investment of 500 000 EUR. The company has got 21 employees from 6 nationalities and serves markets across the globe in 10 languages.

In 2017 ClaimCompass partnered with Microsoft and built the first of its kind API, which is capable of being integrated with Online Travel Agencies, monitoring their bookings in real-time, without requesting any passenger data upfront. Today, ClaimCompass invests in Machine Learning and AI in order to process claims faster, as well as decode and analyze various datasets. ClaimCompass has a number of awards, including Best Startup (Forbes Business Awards, 2017); Best Newcomer (Central European Startup Awards, 2017); Best use of tech in travel (Webit, 2017).

Artificial Intelligence


Connecto is a Viber Development Partner and has delivered numerous solutions which have been used by 9+ million unique users. In addition, the company has made solutions for the FMCG and Taxi industries, and has demos for Banking and Telecoms. Their current project, a Rapid Chatbot Development Platform for Viber, will enable brands to make chatbots quickly and without technical knowledge.

Connecto was founded in 2017 and has since raised 850 000 EUR from LauncHub and eminent private angel investors. The team now consists of 12 people with an average age of 35 years. The 5 of team members are former VMware engineers with 15+ years enterprise experience each. The core team has 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience.

Ed Tech


CourseDot is the biggest marketplace for IT training with 480+ providers and publishers and its global community consists of 2400+ IT instructors certified in all major and niche technologies. Its vision is to democratize corporate training and education, and to enable organizations to be more adept to the changing realities of the digital world.

The company received its seed investment in 2015 by the Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund and has since raised a total funding of 450 000 EUR. It has a 120% revenue growth in 2017, signed a contract with Comparex (Microsoft’s largest distributor in EU) and now has global training coverage. CourseDot was awarded the Best Bulgarian Startup (CESA, 2017) and one of the top 20 EdTech Companies globally (EdTechX London).